Why ask for a recommendation?


Most home buyers automatically take their agent’s recommendations on service providers in a real estate transaction.  They do this for good reason:  They hired this agent because they have experience and expertise in buying real estate.  On a lot of levels, it makes sense to follow the advice of your agent when buying a house.


The Lender:

Much of yours and your agent’s interests are aligned when choosing a mortgage lender.  Buyers seek the best interest rate when choosing a lender, which is obviously important.  Your agent will be much more focused on the reliability of the lender. While many buyers think that all lenders will come through, agents know from difficult experiences that this is simply NOT true.  Long delays are not uncommon and put the home buyer in a position where they can’t follow through with the contract they signed.  They are in DEFAULT.  If you use the lender your agent recommends, this will happen much less often. Keep in mind the lender that works regularly with your agent would lose a whole stream of business if they didn’t follow through.


The Home Inspector:

You hire a home inspector to stop you from buying the wrong home.  If your agent is in any way concerned with their reputation, they will want you to buy a house that is in good working condition. However, it makes complete sense for you to go out and find your own inspector. There are agents out there, including everyone at Carle Properties, that would rather see a contract die at the home inspection than go to closing when a faulty house is involved.


The Title Company:

Home buyers only notice title companies when they mess up.  There are a few out there that bring something special to the table, but for the most part they simply need to do the little things right to bring the closing paperwork together.  It’s a good practice to take your agent’s recommendation on title companies simply because agent’s know who handles everything smoothly.


Other Vendors:

Home buyers and home sellers can also need a variety of other referrals such as Electricians, Plumbers, Handymen, Lawn Service… the list goes on and on. Your agent should know or be able to get a recommendation for you for just about anything to do with Real Estate or Home Maintenance. Just ask!



Always remember that you are in charge of your home buying process.  Your agent is getting paid to work for you.  You can hire the lender, home inspector and title company of your choice.  If your agent is giving you good advice take it.  If not, always feel free to make your own decisions.



We cannot suggest, refer, recommend, or infer that you should use any company or individual included within this list. This is for informational purposes and includes only companies or individuals who have either advertised in the yellow pages or otherwise become known to Carle Properties as holding themselves to be vendors of the respective service.